Privacy Policy


The European Union regulation for general data protection (“GDPR”) requires that site visitors are informed about the privacy policies of this website in a transparent in easy to understand manner. I will therefore explain the privacy policy of this websites in the following paragraphs.


I am working by myself and don´t have any computer programming skills. I rely on third party service providers to run this website. I don´t have specific third-party data processing agreements with these service providers and don´t have the resources to check and verify their compliance with the GDPR. Neither do I have the resources or competency to record, document and verify all steps required to be compliant with the regulation. If this is of concern to you, then I suggest that you do not visit my website.


This website is legally hosted by me. The physical hosting has been outsourced to a service provider. I am using a “Managed WordPress” hosting, which means that the software (“WordPress”) which I use to create the site, is installed at and maintained by the service provider. I use a web-based interface to manage the look and content of the website. I use third-party plugins with WordPress, which enable useful things on the website to happen, such as making the site available in multiple languages or making it easier for search engines to find my site.


I am not tracking and recording traffic on this website, through Google Analytics or other software, but I cannot exclude that WordPress does or some of the plug-ins do, without me being aware of it.   Furthermore, it might be possible for the hosting company, search engine providers and others to track traffic on my site and record things like your computers IP address and other information that might be considered personal data. If you are using a link from another site, such as a search engine or a social media site, to visit this website, your activity might be recorded by these sites. There´s nothing I can do about this.


As far as I understand, cookies are small pieces of computer code that record activities on websites. There seem to be “good” cookies, that are needed to display the website correctly, and “bad” cookies, that record and process personal data. I have not, willingly or knowingly, installed cookies on this website and naively assume that there are only “good” cookies on this site. However, there might be “bad” cookies being installed and used by third parties on this site, that I am not aware of.


If you contact me by phone, my phone will record your telephone number (if visible). If you contact me by email, my mail client will record your email address and other information. You will have to accept this, because I cannot reprogram my equipment´s software. I may or may not file your contact information and records of our interaction, depending on circumstances: If you´re a client or potential client, I most likely will, if you´re trying to sell me life insurance, I certainly won´t. If you did send me your contact details without being asked to do so and ask me to erase your data at a later stage, I may or may not do it. If this is a problem for you, please don´t contact me.


Name: Götz Bartkowiak

Physical address: Bellenbergsteig 37, 45239 Essen

Contact: phone +49 173 614 8011,  email [email protected]

(german) value added tax ID: DE3007113086