Consulting & Project Work

Technical Service for Geology and Mining

Modern mining planning is based on the digitalisation of all spatial information, such as surface structure, geological data, layout and extent of mining. The three-dimensional model of the physical mining area forms the basis for numerous planning aspects, from production planning to profitability assessments. Regular data updates ensure that mining progress, productivity and quality can be monitored, and that statutory reporting can be documented.

Whether photogrammetry, geological modelling or mining and production planning. I can support your operations in every single aspect. The bundling of all individual processes into a uniform, digital model, the “digital twin”, brings the most advantages, as the dependencies of data and processes can be mapped across the individual disciplines. The creation of a “digital twin” does not require a re-collection of data, as digitizing or transforming existing data formats is usually possible. Existing maps, outcrop- or split sample data, profiles, etc. can often be easily integrated into digital models.

Of course, I am available for project work in these areas, e.g. in data acquisition through geological drilling or photogrammetry, creation of a “digital twin”, or in the design and implementation of a comprehensive digitalisation strategy for your company.

Economic Valuation

The profitability of a company is influenced by several factors. Some factors are determinable but not changeable, such as the geology of the deposit or the geographical location. However, many factors can be determined, i.e. identified and quantified, and can be adjusted for improved operations.

Production volume, production costs, yields, investment requirements, etc. can be recorded in detail. The modelling of these economic data in a “discounted cash flow model” enables the analysis of the dependencies of the individual parameters and the forecast of economic development over the period of operation. It is a suitable tool for identifying cost drivers and optimisation potential, can be used to determine and achieve production and cost targets, as well as to create realistic budgets and calculate required financial resources.

Project Work and Project Management

Are you planning a specific project in the raw materials sector in your company and need support in defining, planning, managing or technical expertise of your project? Whether in planning, production, in the evaluation of new technologies or methods, in the development of new markets, in the field of research, etc. Due to my many years of experience in the global extractive industry, I can offer successful support to your project.


  • Technical and economic evaluation of raw material projects
  • Studies and project work on decarbonisation
  • Project management
  • Advice and participation in research projects
  • Filling interim positions in management and technical areas

Project Work on Carbon Abatement

Over the past twenty years, I have been involved in several decarbonisation studies and research. Carbon abatement can be an aspect for the development of a new raw material projects, it can be subject of research and development, or it can be an independent project.

I have been able to gain experience in different aspects of decarbonization, such as:

  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Carbon Capture and Usage
  • Alternative approaches to avoid emissions (electrification, etc.)
  • Logistics of decarbonisation
  • Financial assessment of decarbonisation

Knowledge Transfer

The business and working environment is constantly changing, necessitating management and employees to stay up-to-date with new developments.

With an increasing focus on digitalisation, sustainability and economic efficiency, interdisciplinary understanding is playing an increasingly important role in addition to technical competence.

If you are planning a training session, a seminar, a lecture, or similar, I will be happy to provide you with suggestions tailored to your needs.

Of course, I do offer training for Carlson Software.

Examples of knowledge transfer subjects:

  • Principles of geological modelling and production planing
  • Creating and efficiently using a “digital twin”
  • Economic assessment of bulk materials mining operations
  • Principals of raw materials markets, pricing and competitiveness
  • Technical and economic principles of carbon abetment by CCS and CCU
  • Carlson Software Training