Götz Bartkowiak – Independent Geology and Mining Consultant

Welcome to “greenvalleycoal.com”, my internet presence.

I work as a freelance consultant and am pleased to be able to present my skills and services to you here. As an independent consultant and service provider, I can bring my skills to your operations and projects and contribute to your economic success. I invite you to browse this website and familiarise yourself with my offer.

My area of expertise:

  • Exploration, surveying, production and economic assessment of solid mineral deposits, quarries and mines.
  • Digitalisation und efficiency improvement in mining and quarrying.
  • Decarbonisation (technical and economic assessment of carbon capture and storage, alternative approaches).
  • Review of scientific research from an industry perspective, staff training.
  • Sales, support and training of Carlson ® software und hardware.

Competence and Experience

Götz Bartkowiak, Berater für Geologie und Bergbau, Carlson Software PArtner

Consulting & Project Work

In my many years of work in the raw materials industry, including more than twenty years abroad, I have been able to gain experience in a wide variety of areas and am familiar with the best and most successful solutions.

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Carlson Software

Carlson Software has been providing solutions in the fields of mine surveying, geology, mining, quarrying, surveying, and civil engineering for over 40 years. Carlson Software is the market leader in many industries In the U.S. and is gaining more users worldwide.

Supporting your Project

Are you planning a specific project in the raw materials sector and need support in defining, planning, managing or technical expertise of your project?

Planning, production, evaluation of new technologies or methods, development of new markets, research, or any other aspect. Based on many years of experience gained in the global extractive industry , I am able to provide successful support to your project.

Examples of engagement:

  • Technical and economic assessment of raw material projects.
  • Digitalisation: geological modelling, production planing, surveying, creation of a “digital twin”.
  • Studies and project work for carbon abetment projects.
  • Project management.
  • Consulting and review of research projects.
  • Interim or part-time take up of management and technical positions.

Knowledge Transfer

The business and working environment is constantly changing, necessitating management and employees to stay up-to-date with new developments.

With an increasing focus on digitalisation, sustainability and economic efficiency, interdisciplinary understanding is playing an increasingly important role in addition to technical competence.

If you are planning a training session, a seminar, a lecture, or similar, I will be happy to provide you with suggestions tailored to your needs.

Of course, I also offer training for Carlson Software.

Examples of knowledge transfer subjects:

  • Principles of geological modelling and production planing
  • Creating and efficiently using a “digital twin”
  • Economic assessment of bulk materials mining operations
  • Principals of raw materials markets, pricing and competitiveness
  • Technical and economic principles of carbon abetment by CCS and CCU
  • Carlson Software Training

New solutions for a new age

My roots are in coal mining, personal and professional. I grew up in Germany´s main coal mining area , as the son of a mining engineer, followed by studying geology in Bochum and Aachen. After graduating, I spent more than twenty years in international coal mining and related fields, with technical and managerial positions in Johannesburg and Paris.

The international project work has familiarized me with the latest and most efficient technologies and practices, developed and used by international corporations in South Africa, Australia, the USA, Indonesia, and Colombia, among others. As a freelancer, I continue to follow the latest developments and actively participate in their development.

Today, advances in technical development allow any company involved in the extraction of bulk raw materials, such as limestone, rock salt, loose sediments, clays, etc., to implement new approaches to increase efficiency, productivity and reduce costs. Due to increasing competition and cost pressure, this is no longer just an option, but a necessity. I would be happy to support you with my knowledge and practical experience!